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Scottish Power Energy Networks: The Race to Net Zero

6 November 2019

Marie Macklin CBE of the HALO was at ScottishPower’s HQ in Glasgow today to discuss and debate Scotland’s Race to Net Zero.

The SP Energy Network (SPEN) event brought together some of the country's top energy experts, policymakers and influencers to consider how Scotland can reach its ambitious net zero, climate change and sustainability targets.

ScottishPower is committed to helping the government reach these targets and today’s Energy Networks event stimulated debate on the policy and investment required to deliver a net zero ambition.

Marie featured on a panel made up of experts from across government, regulator Ofgem, the Green Economy Fund, SPEN and the ScottishPower Group.

The HALO Kilmarnock will be the first town centre net zero carbon energy project in Scotland, a “Community Urban Village” setting the standard for low carbon energy sites across the UK.

Marie Macklin CBE, Founder and Executive Chair of the HALO Urban Regeneration Company, said: “Scotland’s Race to Net Zero is underway and the HALO Kilmarnock is going to play a huge part in this with its vision for a dynamic commercial, educational, cultural, leisure and lifestyle quarter where people can Live, Work, Learn and Play.

“Delivering net zero carbon energy at the HALO is not only an opportunity to create economic growth in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire and across Scotland but to highlight the emergency we all face in climate change.

“One of the HALO’s Platinum Partners, ScottishPower is leading the way in the Race to Net Zero and I am proud to have been on today’s panel discussing how Scotland can reach its ambitious net zero targets.”