Identifying and minimising business risk

Macklin Enterprise Partnerships has invested in Diligent World which offers specialised risk intelligence to business, commerce, government, public organisations and wealthy individuals. Marie Macklin CBE is Chairwoman of the company, offering advice and support, as well as investment.

At heart, Diligent World is an intelligence-based business which provides clients with knowledge, tools, techniques and processes to anticipate, minimise or mitigate all forms of business, organisational or personal risk.

Building on over 90 years of practical experience in identifying, analysing, assessing and alleviating risk, Diligent World offers a broad range of discreet and confidential services to reduce risk and improve operational and financial business performance, introducing best practice and bringing peace of mind to clients.

Diligent World services include

  • Business due diligence (Covert and overt investigation)
  • Insider threat (Fraud / corruption / bribery / whistleblowing / misconduct)
  • Reputation / Brand protection
  • Crisis Planning and management / consequence management
  • Management and staff training
  • Financial Investigation
  • Analytical Services
  • Personal and close protection


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