Investing in people

Macklin Enterprise Partnership investments include  an online shopping venture started by a student magazine editor, a Scottish online booking specialists company  and a risk management  business set up by three former police officers, these are just a selection of the diverse companies within our portfolio.

‘Mallzee,’ launched by former student, Cally Russell, is a personalised shopping app that has partnered almost 300 brands, recommending clothes based on personal tastes. Marie Macklin was an early investor, assisting in the company’s SEED round and further investing in this expanding business in 2015.

Marie Macklin has taken a hands-on role helping three former senior Strathclyde policemen to launch a highly specialised risk management business namely ‘Diligent World’  which is now, operating internationally.As Chairwoman, she provides advice and support, as well as investment in an intelligence-based business which provides clients with knowledge, tools, techniques and processes to anticipate, minimise or mitigate all forms of business, organisational or personal risk.

‘Appointedd’ founded by Leah Hutcheon is taking the market by storm  this online booking specialist company with its market leading software continues with global expansion in  UK, USA and Australia.

Leah Hutcheon
Cally Russell
Colin Field, Elliot McKenzie, Marie Macklin