Equity investment and specialist advice

Macklin Enterprise Partnerships manages three Investment Funds and offers specialist consultancy services to entrepreneurial businesses.

Our Investment Fund for Entrepreneurs offers equity funding for new start businesses and is open to ambitious, highly-motivated people launching or developing robust new business ventures, or under-resourced fledgling businesses. With investment will come membership of an exclusive boutique investors’ club, opening up a range of business advice and support.

Our Restructure Investment Fund is available for company restructuring, under which an experienced business team will provide a company doctor service with advice on all aspects of business restructure. MEP has access to a variety of high-quality resources for tailoring re-structuring to re-focus and re-energise businesses.

Our Zaniel Fund seeks to invest in Entrepreneurial Spark business ‘Chicklets’ or Nest Companies across the UK. Applicants for investment are required to prepare a robust business plan and to make a formal presentation to the Fund managers. Successful bidders are required to donate a minimum of 3% of profits after three years’ trading to a nominated charity, social enterprise or a recognised body supporting entrepreneurs.

This inaugural fund is named after the Angel of Monday who controls the Zodiac sign Libra, Marie Macklin’s birth sign – and Monday being the first day of the working week. 

We also offer Consultancy Services to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial businesses and organisations, including management, mentoring and motivation.